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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Ed Ames

Here is a beautiful and meaningful song by the great singer Ed Ames.
Ed Ames (born Edmund Dantes Urick in 1927 in Malden, Massachusetts, to Russian Jewish immigrants) is an American popular singer and actor. He was originally part of a popular singing group of 1950's called The Ames Brothers. Ames grew up in a poor household, but was educated in classical and opera music, as well as in literature, such as Shakespeare. Ames was very athletic as a child and teenager, but he always knew that music would one day become his future destiny, as well as for his brothers: Gene, Mac, Vic and Joe. The brothers made appearances regularly on variety shows, and even for a short period of time had their very own 15 minute variety show in 1955. In 1960, The Ames Brothers decided to split up and go in different directions. Ed decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. His first starring role was in an Off-Broadway production of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible", going on to starring performances in "The Fantasticks" and "Carnival", which was on Broadway. He was also in the national touring company of "Carnival". Although Ames was Jewish, his dark complexion led to his being cast regularly as an American Indian. His greatest success as a stage actor came when he played Chief Bromden in the Broadway production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", opposite Kirk Douglas. Talent scouts at 20th Century Fox saw Ed in the production and invited him to play the Indian Mingo on the television show Daniel Boone. While playing Mingo on television, Ames developed some skill in throwing a tomahawk. This led to the most memorable moments of his career, when he appeared on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on April 29, 1965. During the course of the show, Ames and Johnny Carson were discussing Ames' tomahawk throwing abilities. When Ames claimed that he could hit a target from across the room, Carson asked Ames if he could demonstrate this skill. Ames agreed, and a wood panel with a chalk outline of a cowboy was brought on to the stage. Ames proceeded to throw the tomahawk, which hit the "cowboy" in the tip of the crotch. This led to a very long burst of laughter from the audience and Carson's famous ad-lib, "I didn't even know you were Jewish!". During the 1960's, Ed returned to singing, this time however as a solo artist. He released his first single called "Try to Remember" in 1965. He had a big success in 1967 with "My Cup Runneth Over". The song was both a Pop hit and an Adult Contemporary hit. Other hits were "When the Snow Is On the Roses", "Time Time" and "Timeless Love". He made the Pop Top Twenty once again with the song "Who Will Answer" in 1968. While maintaining his career, he attended UCLA, receiving his degree in theater and cinema arts, with highest honors, in 1975. He continues to be actively-involved in plays like "South Pacific", "Camelot" and "Fiddler on the Roof". He also continues to make many more TV show appearances and concert appearances. Today, he currently lives on his horse ranch in Utah. Ed Ames speaks several languages, he has traveled for the State Department to the Far East to encourage much ecological and environmental interest. He has also worked for the American and Russian Marine biologist in the same areas as above. He is very generous to charitable events, like the political right and fairness to the Native Americans.
Listen to Ed's powerful voice and enjoy!

I believe

And here are three other songs, the second one with the Lennon sisters:

A thing called love / Try to remember

The windmills of your mind

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